Mike White’s high school sports chat

Mike White: All the news about crowd stuff breaking last Tuesday cause me to miss the chat, but we’re back. I’m the governor of this chat and are no gathering limits. But please mask your identity if you send stupid questions. Let’s go.

Howie: Mike – Rodney Gallagher at Laurel Highlands is an outstanding two-sport athlete, who already has scholarship offers from Division 1 schools. Devin Whitlock, at Belle Vernon Areas, is also an outstanding two-sport athlete, albeit his physical stature is less that Gallagher’s. And he may yet grow some. Before Whitlock transferred from Monessen a long-time observer of Mon Valley sports told me that Whitlock was thought to be the best basketball player from Monessen in 20 years. How do you assess Whitlock’s talent and his future potential?
Mike White: Whitlock is a very good two-sport athlete. Waterbug in football at QB. Not knocking his talents, but he’s not a FBS kid in football or Div. 1 in basketball, mainly because of his size. That doesn’t mean he’s not really good at both. His future in football definitely isn’t QB. Slotback or receiver. I think FCS might be his highest level in football.

Yuri: Hello Mike. As of now, do you think Pitt has a chance of getting Derrick Davis? Thank you.
Mike White: Derrick Davis will announce Nov. 14 he told me last week. I have really liked dealing with Derrick. Seems like very good kid. Final five are Pitt, Penn State, Ohio State, LSU and Georgia. Does Pit have a chance? Of course, there’s always a chance. But it’s not a very good chance. I think it’s Penn State or Ohio State. I just can’t see him going to LSU or Georgia. But you never know with recruiting, but I think just about everyone will be surprised if it’s not Penn State or Ohio State.

Donna: Hi Mike…is Coach Narduzzi’s job in jeopardy if he doesn’t win at least 7 games this season or is he safe because of his recruiting success for next year? Thanks.
Mike White: No way his job is in jeopardy. No way. The way Pitt goes, look for them to beat either Miami or Notre Dame. And he is having a nice recruiting year.

Darnell: Do you see Pitt continuing to get highly rated recruits if the program can’t get to the next level?
Mike White: Pitt will be in recruiting what they have been for a long time. They will sometimes have good – not great – recruiting classes and sometimes have very mediocre recruiting classes. It’s just the way it is. A lot of other schools are in the same boat. There’s no shame in that. Just the way it is. I think the state of the program is fans should hope for maybe a 9-win season every few years. But you’re also going to see 7-5s. Every once in a while hope for that 10-win season. Heck, they were in ACC championship game few years ago. Thing is, it certainly doesn’t help that WPIAL talent has dropped considerably in past decade or so. Days of Pitt making a living off many WPIAL recruits are long gone. Nice to get best WPIAL recruits, but there aren’t all that many Power 5 guys any more.

Yinzer412: How about Mt. Pleasant looks like they may be getting back to their winning ways this year. Big game this week against EF.
Mike White: Yes, the game against EF figures to decide Interstate Conference title. This team isn’t like the best in the 1980s, but give MP credit. I don’t think they are among top three teams in Class 3A yet, but Friday’s game should tell a lot. EF quarterback is questionable though. Knee injury.

Howie: Mike – Perhaps you have discussed it before. But If there is plan I do not remember reading about how high basketball will be conducted in the COVID environment. Do you know what the plan for basketball is?
Mike White: There’s no “plan” so to speak. Right now, basketball in state will start on time. Practices and games. Teams have been having workouts and open gyms all fall. The new gathering limits set last week might still be in place. 20 percent of capacity for gyms of 1 to 2,000. So if your gym seats 1,000, you can have 200.

ColtsFan: Mike, The quips took it to Cv this past Friday, had some really nice big plays. Do you think that game could be a different story if CV converts both of the drives in the first half instead of turning it over inside the 10?
Mike White: Very much so. Chartiers Valley moved the ball at times. But if, if, if. There can’t be many ifs when you play Aliquippa. Big plays are always big for Aliquippa. I think CV is better than final score indicates. But you gotta prove it on the field. I’m doing a column later this week on Aliquippa lines. Gigantic. Three sophomore starters over 300 pounds start on lines. I figured it out, their starting OL and DL weighs more than Steelers.

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