College Baseball Recruiting

Because of the late timing of the playing season as compared to other college sports, baseball recruiting is in a unique position because college coaches must really look ahead to fill out their roster. Unlike many other sports, high school baseball is played during the spring season. This means that by the time the student-athlete is a senior, the college coaches have most likely offered all of their available scholarships.

High-profile schools such as those in the Power 5 conferences may even have their recruiting classes set by the high school sophomore year, making the freshman year an imperative season for many top-notch recruits. Many college baseball coaches take verbal commitments from athletes as young as sophomores.

For most high school baseball athletes, the senior year is way too late to start the recruiting process. If your goal is to play college baseball, you will need to submit your college applications prior to the start of your senior season. Because of the time-sensitive nature of baseball recruiting, it is important to use the results of your freshman season to generate your target list for scholarship offers, regardless of whether you have college scouts and recruiters at your games.